I am not the Stig! Top Gear’s Stig followed back to office in London

First of all, congratulations to our favorite show Top Gear for winning the National Television Award. While Clarkson, May and Hammond couldn’t be there to accept the award themselves, Top Gear’s tame driver, the Stig, was on hand to receive the honor.

The Stig, dressed up in his usual racing gear (this time with a bow-tie for the special occasion), walked on stage and handed the announcer a letter from Clarkson, May and Hammond thanking them for giving the Top Gear team the award for the most popular factual TV show.

After receiving the award, the Stig walked off stage and got in his limo and headed back to the Top Gear office in west London. A team of photographers followed him back to the office hoping to grab a picture of the Stig when he leaves the building to carry on his normal life.

Eventually, a man wearing a t-shirt reading “I am the Stig” emerged but quickly insisted that he is not the Stig. The Stig wins again and carries on keeping his true identity a secret for more than 5 years now.

You can buy yourself a “I am the Stig” t-shirt at Top Gear’s online shop. We got one – you should to.




Source: Top Gear