Obama says he’ll meet with Detroit heads immediately

In an interview last night with Brian William on NBC’s Nightly News, democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama said that he will immediately meet with the executives of Detroit automakers, which may very soon be the Big 2 instead of the Big 3.

“My hope is if I’m elected, that I’m immediately meeting with heads of the Big Three automakers, as well with the United Auto Workers,” Obama said to Williams. “And to sit down and craft a strategy that puts us on a path for an auto industry that can compete with anybody in the world.”

Obama is pushing to double the $25 billion loan package that was recently passed by Congress in Sept., and is also calling for the Bush administration to speed up the delivery of the $25 billion.

More than a year ago, Obama was first criticized for calling out Detroit automakers for producing too many gas-guzzling SUVs instead of fuel-efficient cars.


Source: Detroit News