Toyota denies rumors of FJ Cruiser being discontinued

Toyota is reassuring all you FJ Cruiser fans out there (where ever you may be) that the rugged midsize SUV is still alive. According to the Toyota Open Road Blog, information has been making its way around the web that the FJ Cruiser will beĀ dropped from Toyota’s lineup.

Rumor has (or had) it that the FJ Cruiser will be discontinued when the current suppliers are gone. Toyota says: “That”s just wrong. False. Not true.” It says that there is still an ‘abundant supply’ of the 2008 model year left and when those have been sold there will be a new 2009 FJ Cruiser. The 2009 FJ Cruiser will get some new stuff but will keep the same sheetmetal, engine lineup, transmission and suspension system.

If you were really sad and depressed that you won’t be able to get the FJ Cruiser, you can stop kicking and crying right now because Toyota is offering zero percent financing on the SUV through Nov. 9.

Source: Toyota Open Road Blog