Bentley announces production cuts for the second time in two months

Bentley today announced more production cuts for the second time in less than two months at its Crewe plant. The cut comes as demand for high-end luxury cars falls. Bentley said that it will be dropping the night shift at the plant where it builds its Continental models. The plant empolyes 1,200 workers.

Employees will also be getting an extended Christmas break when Bentley closes two lines starting Dec. 10 through Jan. 12. Bentley said that workers will be paid while the plants are shut down; however pay for the night shift will be canceled.

“We have to reduce production further, given the ongoing lack of consumer confidence,” Bentley’s Michael Hawes told the Financial Times. “Clearly, the decline in demand is continuing and getting more severe.”

Through Sept. Bentley’s global sales have declined 20 percent.


Source: FT