Lexus to show eight project vehicles at the 2008 SEMA Auto Show

Lexus will be coming to the 2008 SEMA Auto Show with an onslaught of eight project vehicles. The vehicles will include Five Axis’s Project GS, Five Axis’s Project IS-F, F-Sport equipped IS 350 with a new concept body kit, four new projects based on the Lexus IS-F and a specially modified Lexus LX 570 SUV.

All vehicles will be on display at Lexus’ exhibit tent located between Central and South Halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Lexus will also be running test drives of the 416-hp IS-F and the F-Sport equipped IS 350.

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Lexus SEMA 2008 Lineup:




Project GS by Five Axis:

After wowing the SEMA Show crowd in 2007 with the amazing Project IS F, Troy Sumitomo makes a return engagement, this time with a fresh take on the Lexus GS 460. Sumitomo brings the considerable expertise of his Five Axis automotive design company to bear on this exciting GS concept. The car will be unveiled on Tuesday, November 4 inside the Lexus SEMA Show display where Troy will be on hand to discuss his latest creation with members of the media.

“¢ Five Axis widebody conversion
“¢ PPG custom formulated Satin Titanium Pearl paint by Five Axis with onyx and papaya accents

“¢ Custom fabricated exhaust with dual finishers by Five Axis

“¢ FIVE:AD ONYX R5:F alloy wheels
  o Front: 20×8.5″, ET25
  o Rear: 20×10.5″, ET22

“¢ Yokohama Advan concept tires with tread design by Five Axis
  o Front: 245/30- ZR20
  o Rear: 295/25-ZR20

“¢ Sport shocks
“¢ Performance lowering springs

“¢ High-Performance Big Brake Kit – Front
  o 355mm x 32mm rotors
  o Six-piston opposed, 2- piece fixed, bolt-in-bridge caliper
“¢ High-Performance Big Brake Kit – Rear
  o 345mm x 28mm rotors
  o Four-piston opposed, fixed, bolt-in-bridge caliper


Project IS F by Five Axis:

Following its stunning debut in 2007, the Five Axis Project IS F went back to the shop for another makeover, this time in the engine compartment. With 416 hp on tap right out of the box, the standard IS F is no slouch. But the Project IS F concept brief included exploring the performance potential of its direct-injected 5.0-liter V8, so it now sports 5.8 liters while receiving ported and flowed cylinder heads, a new exhaust system and changes to the electronic controls. The upshot is enough power and torque to put an evil grin on even the most jaded enthusiast”s face.


“¢ Bored to 100 mm and stroked to 91.5 mm to
yield 5.8 liters
“¢ Forged JE Pistons
“¢ 12.8:1 compression ratio
“¢ Titanium intake and stainless steel exhaust
“¢ Nitrided crankshaft
“¢ Dyers connecting rods

“¢ Custom fabricated low restriction system with
dual finishers

“¢ Five Axis Design 6″ wide body conversion
“¢ Five Axis custom satin black pearl paint with
satin bronze accents

“¢ Five Axis Design Sculpted Front and Rear
Seats Upholstered in Alcantara with Garrett
Basket Weave Leather and Stainless Steel
Woven Inserts
“¢ Material Specifications by Zing Design
“¢ Uniquely Appointed Five Axis Design Interior
Trim and Color Enhancements
“¢ Chilewich floor mats

“¢ FIVE:AD S5:F Wheels with Satin Bronze
 o Front: 20×8.5″, +25mm offset
 o Rear: 20×10.5″, +33mm offset

“¢ Yokohama Advan Sport
 o Front: 245/30-ZR20
 o Rear: 295/25-ZR20

“¢ TEIN Adjustable Coil-over Suspension

“¢ Brembo GT Brake System
 o Front: 380x32mm 2-Piece Floating Disc
with 6-piston Monobloc Caliper
 o Rear: 345x28mm 2-piece Floating Disc
with 2-piston Caliper 


IS 350 with F-Sport Accessories:

The IS 250/350 is Lexus” entry point into the luxury sport sedan arena. It”s a tuner-friendly and robust platform that responds extremely well to performance upgrades. This car is fully loaded with all the offerings from the F-Sport performance accessory catalog. It also sports a new concept ground-effects body kit designed to complement the increased performance and aggressive stance provided by the F-Sport components.

“¢ Four-piece ground-effects body kit and grille
by Five Axis
“¢ Lexus Genuine Accessory rear spoiler
“¢ PPG Vibrance Orange Glow 3-stage paint
with satin accents

“¢ Custom leather interior appointments by Five
Axis and Turinmodel, Inc.
“¢ F-Sport floor mats

“¢ F-Sport Performance Air Intake
“¢ F-Sport Carbon Fiber Engine Cover

“¢ F-Sport Performance Exhaust

“¢ F-Sport Bilstein Shocks
“¢ F-Sport Lowering Spring Set
“¢ F-Sport Sway Bar Set
“¢ F-Sport Under Chassis Brace

“¢ F-Sport 19″ Forged Aluminum Wheels
 o Front: 19″x8″
 o Rear: 19″x9″

“¢ Yokohama Advan Sport Ultra-high
Performance Tires
 o Front: 225/35-ZR19 88Y
 o Rear: 255/35-ZR19 96Y

“¢ F-Sport Performance Brake Upgrade Kit (Fr)
 o 355mm x 32mm Rotor
 o Six-piston opposed, 2 piece fixed, bolt-inbridge
“¢ F-Sport Performance Brake Upgrade Kit (Rr)
 o 345mm x 28mm Rotor
 o Four-piston


IS F by Fox Marketing/Artisan Performance:


Fox Marketing and Artisan Performance teamed to create this subtle yet aggressive makeover of the already aggressive IS F. The subtle part involves the numerous bodywork changes, which enhance rather than rethink the lines of the IS F, making it look even more muscular in the process. “˜Aggressive” can be applied to the engine which gets the full twin-turbo treatment. Fox expects the changes will yield something north of 600 horsepower.


“¢ BASF Glasurit Sunset Orange Pearl paint
“¢ Webasto Hollandia 9001 sunroof
“¢ Licensed Fox Marketing front
“¢ Licensed Fox Marketing side
“¢ Licensed Fox Marketing rear
“¢ Custom fender flares
“¢ Lightwurkz BASF Black painted HID
“¢ Lightwurkz BASF Black tinted taillights
“¢ Impressive Signs graphics
“¢ Meguiar’s Car Care Products
“¢ Paint & body by Powell Customs

“¢ Black leather seats with blue stitching
“¢ Callaway golf clubs in the trunk

“¢ Artisan Twin-Turbo kit
“¢ Artisan air intake with AMSOIL filter
“¢ Artisan front mount intercooler
“¢ Brian Crower connecting rods
“¢ JE Pistons
“¢ Mishimoto radiator
“¢ AMSOIL 0w-30 synthetic engine oil
“¢ AMSOIL transmission fluid
“¢ Tuned by Kenny Strickler –

“¢ Artisan cat-back exhaust
“¢ Eibach Pro Kit

“¢ Front: 20×9.5 iForged FS Imola
“¢ Rear: 20×11.5 iForged FS Imola

“¢ Front: 255/35-20 Toyo T1R
“¢ Rear: 305/30-20 Toyo T1R


IS F by Import Tuner Magazine/TEIN:

Import Tuner Magazine and TEIN suspension company put their collective heads and expertise together to create an IS F that”s focused on track performance, while still remaining practical for the street. Weight reduction, added chassis stiffness, special suspension and big sticky tires take care of the corners, while a comprehensive nitrous system boosts the engine for bursts of overtaking power. Coming soon to a track near you.


“¢ Five Axis dry carbon front lip
“¢ Black chrome dipped emblems and front grill
“¢ Smoked headlights
“¢ S&A Design vinyl

“¢ Bride racing seats (Brix II for driver, Xax II for
“¢ Custom tinted interior trim
“¢ TEIN Dampachi mascot

“¢ NOS 12.8 lbs composite bottle
“¢ Nitrous bottle opener
“¢ Single fogger wet nitrous system
“¢ Quick release bottle bracket
“¢ Ntimidator dual LED purge kit
“¢ Nitrous bottle heater
“¢ P.O.D. system
“¢ Nitrous pressure gauges
“¢ K&N intake
“¢ Tom”s Linear Throttle Controller

“¢ Fujitsubo custom full titanium dual exhaust

“¢ TEIN re-valved Comfort Sport monotube coilovers
with Electronic Damping Force Control (EDFC)
“¢ SPD Metal Works adjustable fr. upper cont. arms
“¢ M1 Fabrication stitch-welded body seams
(strategic locations)
“¢ Tom”s upper performance rod
“¢ Tom”s front and rear suspension member braces
“¢ Tom”s rear body strengthening brace

“¢ Volk RE30s
 o Front: 19×9″; +38 offset
 o Rear: 19×10″; +38 offset

“¢ Yokohama Advan Sports
 o Front: 255/35-19
 o Rear: 275/35-19

“¢ Brembo GT Big Brake kit
 o Front: 6-piston calipers and two-piece rotors
 o Rear: two-piece rotors
“¢ Baker custom rear stainless steel brake line


IS F by 0-60 Magazine:

With track performance a common theme among IS F builders, 0-60 Magazine ups the ante on their IS F project with a supercharger to tease out another load of horses from the big V8. Carbon fiber body components reduce weight while lowering the center of gravity and a custom roll cage adds stiffness and protection. A beefy brakeupgrade kit was added to balance the performance equation.


“¢ Seibon Carbon Panels: Hood, Fenders,
Trunk, Spoiler

“¢ Design Craft Fabrication custom roll cage
“¢ Sparco Chrono Road Seats wrapped with
interior-matching leather

“¢ Greddy MP92 Supercharger w/ custom
aluminum intake manifold
“¢ Greddy Intelligent Informeter Touch
“¢ Greddy Intake and filter
“¢ Braille Carbon Battery

“¢ Custom system using Greddy Spectrum Elite

“¢ Tein Super Street Coilovers w/ EDFC Kit

“¢ Yokohama Advan Racing RZ Wheels
 o Front: 19×9″
 o Rear: 19×10″

“¢ Hankook Ventus EVO V12:
 o Front: 245/35-19
 o Rear: 275/30-19

“¢ Performance Friction Lexus IS F Z-Rated
brake upgrade kits (front and rear):
 o Forged 4″“piston monobloc calipers
 o Radial mount caliper brackets
 o 2-piece rotor/hat assemblies (372mm
   front; 355mm rear)
 o Z-rated Carbon Metallic ® multipads
   specifically for IS-F chassis
 o Stainless steel braided brake lines


IS F by

MotorworldHype has taken another path that is a bit less aggressive, yet more easily accessible for the average consumer. Lots of carbon to reduce some unwanted mass and a well-rounded package of suspension, brake, engine and cosmetic changes provide sharper responses in all directions.


“¢ Carbon fiber aero package featuring carbon
front chin/splitter and rear diffuser
“¢ Weight reduction package featuring carbon
fiber replacement trunk lid
“¢ Lexus Starfire White paint
“¢ Gloss black emblems
“¢ Gloss black window sills and roof
“¢ Matte black tips

“¢ Blue Alcantara seat inserts

“¢ Custom air intake system

“¢ Borla high performance exhaust system

“¢ Tein Full Suspension System w/ EDFC

“¢ Rays Engineering Volk Racing TE 37 in
matte black
 o Front: 19×8.5″
 o Rear: 19×9.5″

“¢ Michelin Pilot Sport 2
 o Front: 235/35-19
 o Rear: 265/30-19

“¢ Brembo GT Big Brake Kit w/ 6 piston front
calipers and floating rotors


LX 570 by ICON 4×4 Design:

ICON specializes in 4x4s that are typically off-road oriented. But they envisioned something different for the plush yet rugged LX 570. Their approach here is to give the LX a clean and stealthy appearance through clever use of colors and trim, then top with performance improvements to further enhance the appeal of Lexus” premier luxury utility vehicle.


“¢ Matte two-tone gray paint
“¢ Black chrome trim and emblems
“¢ Side trim removed, roof rack deleted

“¢ All wood panels replaced with carbon fiber surface effect coatings
“¢ Window tint

“¢ Custom intake system

“¢ Stainless steel exhaust system

“¢ Custom finish 24″ MOZ Calgary wheels
“¢ Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico 285/35R-24

“¢ 6-piston front, 4-piston rear performance brake system