U.S. to get limited edition Volkswagen Scirocco with more power

Volkswagen has previously said that they won’t bring the Scirocco to the U.S. in fears that it may take away from the sales of the Volkswagen GTI. They also thought that even though the car would fit the U.S. market the current exchange rates wouldn’t allow Volkswagen to make money on the Scirocco.

V-Dub is now rethinking its decision as enthusiasts react positively to the Scirocco in Europe, and as Americans get overly excited to see it here and there on U.S. roads. Not to mention that in our recent poll, 69 percent said they would purchase a Scirocco GT over the new 2010 Volkswagen GTI.

However, Volkswagen still doesn’t want to take a way from the sales of the GTI so for the U.S. it is considering a limited edition model of the Scirocco that will have more horsepower and a higher price tag than the GTI. Steve Keyes, spokesman for V-Dub says there is no timetable on the arrival of the U.S. limited edition Scirocco.

Volkswagen Scirocco:



Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)