Next Ferrari F430 to be a hard-top convertible with a turbocharged V8?

As we reported earlier this month, Ferrari is planning on redesigning and replacing the current F430 in the second half of 2009. Unlike the current model which is built off of the 360 Modena, the next-generation F430 will be built from the ground up with a brand new design inspired by the 2007 Millechili concept.

The next-generation Ferrari 430 will get a new aluminum chassis that will make it lighter than the F430 Scuderia, a new direct-injection V8 from the California along with the new 7-speed dual-clutch transmission.

According to CAR, rumor has it that the California’s direct-injection V8 will be turbocharged for the next F430. Also like the Ferrari California, the next F430 will be a hard-top coupe-convertible – that means no more soft-top Spyder anymore.

Internally known as the F142, Ferrari has yet to decide on the production name for the next F430. Pricing wise, the next F430 will be more expensive.


Source: CAR