World’s most neglected BMW M6 spotted in Dubai

Believe us, if one of us here at eGMCarTech could afford to purchase $101,700 BMW M6, it would be shining bright with tire shine every single day of the year. Any finger prints would be wiped off immediately and we may even ask our significant others to never eat or drink when riding in our first love.

Nonetheless, there are some people in the world that take a vehicle such as the BMW M6 for granted. Spotted in Dubai, the BMW M6 you see in the pictures is probably the most neglected BMW (or most neglected car) in the world.

It seems even after passerbys left “please wash me” and other messages on the car, this owner refuses to head over to a car wash. Let us know what you would write on this M6 in the comments section below.

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World’s most neglected BMW M6:




By: Kap Shah

Source: MadWhips