Chrysler offering employee-pricing on 2009 Dodge Viper models

Chrysler sales have dropped more than 25 percent this year. To give themselves a little boost the company will start offering employee discount prices to Wal-Mart workers starting Nov. 1. According to Chrysler spokeswoman Curtrise Garner, Wal-Mart is the brand’s largest fleet customers.

The retail giant’s 1.4 million employees will be eligible to get 4 percent to 6 percent or 8 percent to 14 percent off the MSRP.

Chrysler also announced that it will offer its employees and eligible friends and families an employee discount on most Dodge Vipers models excluding the ACR Vipers. We’re not sure how much Chrysler will chop off the MSRP but the starting price for the base Viper is $88,385. So if you’ve got a friend or family member that works at Chrysler and you’ve always wanted a Viper, now seems to be the best time. Who knows where they’ll be working a month from now.


Source: Free Press