2009 MINI E: 500 test drivers wanted

Late last Friday, MINI dropped the details on its new 2009 MINI E, an all-electric MINI Cooper that will make its debut at the 2008 LA Auto Show next month. After reading that it gets a top speed of 95 mph and a range of 150 miles on electric alone, you’re so excited you want to get in one and bring it home right now and you’re probably wondering how you do that.

Simple. You have to head over to MINI Space and sign up to go through the application process. MINI isn’t announcing and pricing details as of yet. But we do know that only 500 units of the MINI E will be made available for a one-year lease in SoCal, New York and New Jersey.

The monthly lease installments will cover any technical service required or replacing wearing parts. At the end of the lease, which has extension options, the MINI E will be returned to BMW for additional testing.

Head over to MINI Space to sign up.

2009 MINI E: