Renault interested in buying Jeep from Chrysler

While the GM/Chrysler talks could end in a total wipe out of Chrysler’s 83-years of existence, the Jeep brand may have some hope. As we’ve reported before Renault is also a key player in these talks. Reuters is now reporting that¬†Renault is interested in an acquisition of Jeep, known as the most valuable Chrysler brand.

The deal could put the best-known SUV brand back into the hands of Renault that it sold to Chrysler along with American Motors back in 1987. Renault had purchased American Motors, which owned Jeep, in 1979.

Former Renault chairman Louis Schweitzer said last year that he regretted selling AMC and Jeep. He wrote: “It would have been clever to make full use of Jeep. If we had done so, we would have been in a good position today in the U.S.”


Source: Reuters