Mazda working on Mazda1 minicar and compact SUV

While Mazda’s 33.4 percent future with Ford is still uncertain, work is still continuing on two new models that include a new city car and a new compact SUV. More variants of existing models in the lineup are also being discussed.

According to AutoCar, the CEO of Mazda, James Muir, wants Mazda to become a “more aspirational brand that will be an alternative to the premium manufacturers.” In the pipeline is a minicar that will be based on the Kiyora concept seen at the Paris Motor Show. A compact SUV based on the Kazami concept is also in the works.

Mazda will also focus more on its sportscar lineup. The next-generation Mazda MX-5 will be more lightweight and may push more power. A new RX-7 is also in the works. It is expected to get a rotary-engine like the RX-8 as well.


Source: AutoCar