Leno gets sued for his 1931 Model J Duesenberg

Jay Leno has been sued for a purchase of a classic 1931 Model J Duesenberg car that belonged to late Macy’s heir, John Straus. Straus daughter says that the owner of the E. 76th St garage held the 1931 Model J Duesenberg and sold the car to Leno through a phony auction.

John Straus, who died in May at age 87, bought the car from his mother and put it in Windsor Garage in the early 1950s. The owner of the garage said that the cars were put on the auction block after Straus became “extremely delinquent” in paying his storage fee. 

Nathan Goldberg, a lawyer for Straus’ daughter, said in a statement: Leno knew this car was not for sale, and Straus had made that clear to him.” He added that the car was worth more than $1.5 million.


Source: Daily News