Hi, I’m a PC and I make Ferraris: Ferrari first to test Windows HPC Server 2008

Microsoft announced today that Ferrari SpA is going to be the first company to test its new high-performance computing technology with the new Windows HPC Server 2008. It will use the system to engineer, design and develop future Ferraris.

According to Microsoft, the new Windows HPC Server 2008 will help Ferrari be more efficient by significantly reducing deployment time, helping it bring new products to the market faster. We, on the other hand, would like to say it’s not very often Ferrari plans to bring out a new model to the market – but hey, if this helps, the more Ferraris the better.

“Ferrari is always looking for the most advanced technological solutions, and of course, the same applies for software and engineering,” said Piergiorgio Grossi, head of information systems at Ferrari. “Windows HPC Server 2008 is very promising, and the long-lasting collaboration with Ferrari will give directions to develop a fast, familiar, high-performance computing platform for our users, engineers and administrators.”


Snippet from the press release:

With the introduction of Windows HPC Server 2008, high-performance computing in the automotive industry is now poised to drive major improvements in the following:
– Speed to market
– Predicting and preventing defects
– Improving collaboration
– Automating previously complex and arcane systems
– Gathering real-time information from vehicles on the road