Chrysler also talking to Nissan-Renault, Tata and Fiat

It seems like Chrysler isn’t only in bed with GM. Sources say that Cerberus officials are also talking to the Renault-Nissan alliance along with Fiat and India’s Tata Motors. Chrysler and GM made headlines this past weekend about a possible merger.

Chrysler LLC CEO Bob Nardelli recently sent out a letter to employees saying: “I can tell you that we have approached and have been approached by third parties who are interested in exploring future possibilities with Chrysler.”

Sources have confirmed that most of the negotiations with Renault-Nissan, Fiat and Tata have been put on hold since the recent industry conditions. 

Most of the talks held with these three companies have been mostly about product-sharing. However, insiders familiar with the talks with Nissan say that talks had gotten to the point of a possible deeper relationship. That probably made Ghosn happy since he’s been looking for an American partner.


Source: Detroit News