Honda to cut Odyssey and Pilot production in the U.S., increases Accord production

Honda announced yesterday that it will be increasing U.S. production of its Honda Accord and will cut production of the Odyssey minivan and the Pilot SUV. Honda said it is transferring most of its Accord assembly to Lincoln, Alabama from Marysville, Ohio. In Alabama, Honda will cut minivan and SUV production by 10,000 units annually.

Most of the Accords produced in Alabama will be V6 models leaving more room for 4-cylinder Accords in Ohio. In Ohio, Honda will cut Odyssey and Pilot production by an additional 22,000 units.

The move doesn’t mean that there will be an increase of availability of Accords in the U.S. since Honda will import fewer units in Japan. It simply means minivan and SUV production will go down in the U.S. while Accord production will go up. In the first nine months of 2008, Honda sold 253,922 Accords.

Source: FreePress