Poll: Are you ready for 4-cylinder BMWs?

BMW has already confirmed that it will introduce 4-cylinder engines into the U.S. The last time it made that move with the 1998 318Ti it failed miserably – so much so that BMW executives were embarrassed to discuss the car.

Well now BMW is coming back and according to Jim O”Donnell, CEO of BMW North America, the new 4-cylinder engines will deliver better performance (with turbochargers), lower emissions and better fuel-economy than the current 6-cylinders. We should see the 4-cylinders in late 2011. Majority of them will be fitted into the 3-Series and 1-Series and a few may even find their way into the 5-Series.

Of course, the main question will be how BMW markets them and if American drivers will pay $35,000-plus for premium sedans with 4-cylinders.

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Source: BusinessWeek