GM spoke to Ford before Chrysler on merger, Ford said no

Continuing the whole big three merger talks today, we know hear the GM had approached FoMoCo before contacting Chrysler about a possible merger. According to people familiar to the talks, Rick Wagoner had spoken to Alan Mulally but the talks never evolved into negotiations.

“There were never in-depth, substantive discussions that went on,” said one source who asked to remain anonymous. “It was more an expression of interest, as in, ‘Do you want to talk?'””‚Ford basically said no.

Sources said the Mulally felt such a move would be contrary to his plans to save Ford. Mulally basically wants Ford to have fewer brands and fewer dealers while trying to closely integrate global operations.

It’s been previously reported that by The Wall Street Journal that Ford could be in talks with Chrysler on a possible merger. You can read more about that here.


Source: Detroit News