Lamborghini Estoque interior will be luxurious and spacious

Lamborghini has released images of the cockpit of its new Estoque concept that we saw at the 2008 Paris Motor Show last week. Lamborghini says that the Estoque offers a ‘surprisingly generous feeling of spaciousness,’ – while we haven’t sat in one we’ll have to take Lambo’s word on that one.

What we do notice is the luxurious feel that the interior of the Estoque has rather than extremely sporty interior of the Reventon, Gallardo or Murcielago. The interior material is made of the highest-quality Nappa leather with each seat having electrical positioning options.

The cockpit has a large LCD-screen that displays audio, vehicle and navigation information. We also see controls reminiscent of BMW’s iDrive along with a steering-wheel that seems to be inspired by sister-brand Audi’s high-performance vehicles.

Lamborghini says that the trunk of the Estoque has plenty of room for ‘several golf bags and pieces of luggage.

Check out more high-res images from the 2008 Paris Motor show after the jump.

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