MINI to make a smaller, ‘cuter’ car than the Cooper

How small can you go? Well according to MINI’s Global Brand Manager Dr. Wolfgang Armbrecht, MINI can go smaller than its Cooper hatchback model. Speaking to InsideLine at the 2008 Paris Motor Show, Armbrecht said that as long as he’s with the company no MINI will be longer than 4.10 meters (162 inches).

The upcoming production version of the Crossover Concept will be exactly 4.10 meters long. It is expected to hit markets by mid to late-2010. MINI is now considering a fifth model that will join the Cooper, Cooper Convertible, Clubman and the upcoming Crossover.

Armbrecht said that the automaker is looking at a smaller car the size of a European minicar, like the Volkswagen Polo or Toyota iQ.

“It will need to be a very cute car,” Armbrecht assured IL. “And the driving feel would need to remain like a sporty go-kart,” he said.


MINI Crossover Concept:



Source: InsideLine