Study shows that people prefer cars with ‘angry’ faces

According to a new study, people prefer cars with ‘dominant, masculine and angry’ appearances rather than cute little Beetle looking traits. The study says that people usually see human-like faces on everything from cars to clouds – it’s called pareidolia.

The research is now attempting to understand what’s going on inside that head of yours and in return is helping automakers design better cars.

Truls Thorstensen, head of EFS Consulting Vienna, and anthropologist Sonja Windhager, gathered a group of 40 individuals (20 males and 20 females) to rate 38 passenger cars that were launched between 2004 and 2006. According to their findings the cars that people rated the best had mature, sexy, aggressive and confident traits – mainly the traits that humans look for in other humans.

We’re just wondering how many additional Prius units could have Toyota sold if the designed the hybrid to be a little more aggressive.


Source: MSNBC