Motor Trend calls BMW X6 ‘pointless,’ makes it 2009 SUV of the Year Contender

Just a couple months ago (5 months to be exact), Motor Trend called the 2009 BMW X6 “pointless.” Well it seems like they had a change of heart and have made the X6 a contender for their 2009 SUV of the Year award.

Back in May, Motor Trend wondered whether deep down the BMW engineers, car guys all, thought the X6 a waste of their talent.” The magazine wrote: “You see, good as it is, the X6 is still a truck. A perfectly pointless truck.”

Well it doesn’t seem so pointless anymore. We’ll find out exactly what Motor Trend thinks of the X6 when they announced the winner on Oct 16th.

Click through for high-res images of the 2009 BMW X6.

2009 BMW X6 xDrive50i:

BMW X6  BMW X6  BMW X6  


Source: Motor Trend