North America to get a VW Beetle-based pickup?

Volkswagen recently unveiled the Concept Pickup, a concept that will enter production mid-2009 and will go on sale in South America, South Africa, Australia and Europe. What about the U.S.? If a report by Automotive News and a fear by the rest of us and are to be believed, North America will get a next-generation Beetle-based pickup.

It may just happen. If you’ve been following the whole Volkswagen Pickup topic, you’ll notice that Volkswagen is only planning to sell 100,000 units of the pickup annually. That’s pretty conservative and with the U.S. not part of the plan – it’s pretty possible.

Making it very possible for a Beetle-based pickup to show up in your neighbor’s driveway. Why Volkswagen would even consider such a vehicle is beyond us.


Source: Automotive News (via