Live from Paris 2008: Honda Insight Hybrid to cost less than $19,000

One of the most significant reveals here in Paris is the Honda Insight Hybrid that is due out in the U.S. in April ’09. This will be the Toyota Prius’ biggest rival; however, most of you are wondering what it’s going to cost and how will it compete with the Prius in terms of fuel-economy.

According to Automotive News, President Takeo Fukui said that he is targeting a range of $18,864 for the Insight Hybrid when arrives in showrooms – that’s a little more than $3,000 cheaper than the Prius. In terms of fuel-economy, Fukui says the Insight “will mirror” the Civic Hybrid’s 40/45 mpg (city/highway) – the Toyota Prius gets 48/45 mpg.

Honda is targeting global sales of 200,000 vehicles a year, half of which it expects to come from North America.

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Live from Paris 2008: Honda Insight Hybrid Concept:




Honda Insight Hybrid Concept: