Live from Paris 2008: Lamborghini Estoque may get V8 diesel or hybrid

Lamborghini is making headlines with its new four-door Estoque and here it is in ‘real life’ – live from the 2008 Paris Motor Show. So what exactly does Lamborghini have up its sleeve? Let’s take a look at the market first. Porsche will be coming out with the four-door Panamera Gran Turismo next year. It will offer a range of V8 and V10 engines along with a hybrid model in 2010. Aston Martin will also enter the four-door market with the Rapide in mid-2009 – with no hybrid models planned.

So it only made sense for Lamborghini to offer those who need room for additional storage or for those looking for a weekend away with the kids, a four-door sports car – or at least the folks in Sant” Agata think so.

What’s going to be under the hood? After doing some digging in the press release from Lamborghini, we learned that the Estoque is capable of incorporating everything from the 560-hp V10 from the Gallardo LP 560-4 to a smaller V8. Lamborghini says that the V8 will be coupled with a hybrid module or will be an extremely high-performance TDI diesel.

No official word on when the Estoque will be on the roads but we expect to see a full-production model next year.

Click through for live images of the Lamborghini Estoque from the Paris Motor Show.

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