Man sits in car for 2 hours, avoids ticket and getting towed

29-year old Mr. Shah avoided a £250 parking ticket and getting his car impounded by refusing to leave his BMW 5-Series for two-and-a-half hours as it sat on the bed of a tow-truck. As the towers were lifting Mr. Shah’s 5-Series on to their truck, he decided to hop into the driver seat and pretended to have been sleeping. 

“My neighbors said they’d loaded my car on to the truck so I jumped in and pretended I had been asleep on the back seat,” said Mr. Shah. “I refused to get out and just sat there reading the paper and listening to music for a couple of hours.”

Mr. Shah even claims to have ordered a sandwich from the cafe across the road. Even after police arrived on the scene, Mr. Shah remained stubborn.

In the end the cops and the towers got so frustrated they let him go. Unbelievable. If Mr. Shah tried to pull this in the U.S., he would’ve been tasered and arrested.


Source: DailyMail (via PorHomme)