Toyota takes the next step to put A-BAT concept in production

Jim Lentz, Toyota’ s president of sales in the U.S., said that the automaker is one step closer to putting the A-BAT Concept into production. However, that does not mean Toyota has made a final decision to bring the A-BAT to the roads – suppliers have been simply asked to make bids on making parts for the pickup.

“This is a common next step in evaluating cost parameters on promising concepts, but it does not imply a commitment to it yet,” said another senior Toyota exec.

Toyota says that the market research on the A-BAT has been very positive. The Toyota A-BAT made its official debut at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show. The concept was powered by a 4-cylinder gas engine with Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive providing low emissions and fuel economy.

Toyota A-BAT Concept:

Toyota A-BAT Concept  Toyota A-BAT Concept  Toyota A-BAT Concept  


Toyota A-BAT Concept  Toyota A-BAT Concept  Toyota A-BAT Concept  Toyota A-BAT Concept  


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