Texting while driving is worse than drinking while driving or being high

We think texting while driving is becoming even more dangerous with phones like the iPhone and LG Dare where one can’t feel out the keys and has to actually look at the phone to text – but we didn’t know things were this bad. According to a new research, texting is more dangerous than driving under the influence of alcohol or marijuana.

Transport Research Laboratory recently conducted a research for the RAC Foundation on young drivers between the ages of 17-24. They found that reaction time was decreased by 21 percent for those under the influence of marijuana and 12 percent for those above the alcohol limit.

For those that are texting, TRL found that reaction time decreased by 35 percent. It also found that steering wheel control worsened by 91 percent for texting drivers as compared to 35 percent for those who had just smoked up.

For those that are still considering texting while driving – read this.


Source: Breitbart (via TCC)