Pagani working on new factory, C9 undergoing testing

So its not like Pagani is pumping out Zonda’s left and right but executives feel it’s working hard enough that they’ve approved plans for a new Pagani factory that’s three times size than the existing one. Supposedly the bigger/better factory was given the go-ahead to get ready for the launch of the new C9 in 2010.

The Pagani C9 will supposedly be built in far greater numbers than the Zonda, but no word on exactly how much far greater that number will be.

The C9 is currently undergoing 500,000 miles of durability testing. The car will carry an AMG engine and will go through some more testing such as cold-weather and other Mercedes-Benz development testing. In the mean time Pagani will finish up the 5 whole units of the 678-hp Pagani Zonda Cinque.


Source: EVO