NISMO Nissan GT-R Club Sport Package Revealed

With the Nissan GT-R Spec-V delayed by a couple of months, GT-R enthusiasts will have to ‘settle’ for the new NISMO Club Sport Package – the first official tuning package from Nissan itself. Details are still a little sketchy but we tried to do the best we could when translating the Japanese press release.

From what we understand the Chassis Package, which costs ¥2,205,000 ($20,258 USD), consists of a Bilstein Damp Tronic dampers giving the GT-R an adjustable suspension with 3-mode changes. The Carbon Bucket Seat Package costs ¥1,890,000 ($17,365 USD) and gives you two NISMO Recaro bucket seats – each can be purchased individually. Last but not least, is the Titanium Exhaust System Package which also costs ¥1,890,000 ($17,365 USD) and gives the GT-R a NISMO branded titanium rear diffuser which is built to the Spec-V standards.

The NISMO Club Sport Package for the Nissan GT-R has 3 year/60,000 km warranty. The package as a hold will set you back ¥5,460,000 ($50,242 USD).

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NISMO Nissan GT-R Club Sport Package: