Honda working on CR-V based hybrid model

Update: Apparently there was a typo by the Columbus Dispatch editor. The article mean to say “we’re going to bring in a model based on the CR-Z” not “CR-V.” So as of right now there will be no CR-V hybrid but we think it would be a great competitor to the Toyota Highlander Hybrid. Thanks to Turkle for pointing out the correction.

Honda’s Dick Colliver (better known Richard E. Colliver) was in central Ohio this week during the 2009 Acura TL launch. Why is Colliver so important? Besides being the formal executive vice president of automobile sales, Colliver is considered Honda’s no. 2 man in North America.

Besides talking about cars, economy, the local work force, Colliver gave some insight as to what Honda has planned for the future. When asked if Honda has any other green cars coming down the line besides the new global hybrid, the new Civic Hybrid, Honda Fit Hybrid and the production CR-Z Hybrid, Colliver replied:

Our global strategy for the hybrid is to grow that segment significantly. We’re anticipating 500,000 units a year . In addition to the new global hybrid that we will introduce next spring, we’ll also announce that we’re going to bring in a model based on the CR-V.

So there you have it a CR-V based Hybrid is on the way.

Thanks for the tip Stewie!


Source: Columbus Dispatch