BREAKING: Chevrolet Volt seen on the set of Transformers 2

We’ve seen the official teasers and earlier today we saw a spy shot of the interior. Now, Transformers Live Action Movie Blog does it again with Autobot goodies with their reader Gettodeath catching the production Chevrolet Volt in action on the set of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

When the news first hit the web, we only saw the top half of the Volt (seen above). Later a video was discovered showing all the Autobots on the set including a couple seconds of GM’s new plug-in hybrid.

GM is rumored to reveal the production version of the Volt next month and is also expected to show it at the 2008 LA Auto Show. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen will hit theaters on June 26th, 2009.

Click here to see the video and check out more images of the Volt after the jump.

Chevrolet Volt seen on the set of Transformers 2:




Source: Transformers Live Action Movie Blog and AutoBlog