Spy Shots: Chevrolet Volt Interior Scooped

Speaking today at a media event touting GM’s 2009 lineup, Lutz said that GM has picked a battery supplier for the upcoming Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid but won’t say who it is just yet. Lutz said an official announcement will be made by the end of this year and that GM will show the production Volt very soon.

So far we’ve seen official teasers of the production Volt but someone snuck in a camera (or used their cell phone) at the event today and managed to snap a shot of the interior. As stated previously, Apple and Mac lovers will love the interior of the Volt.

From the images you can see the flat surface buttons on the center console. Another thing that stands out are the heated seat buttons which you might want to avoid if you want to have kids.

Spy Shots: Chevrolet Volt Interior Scooped:


Chevrolet Volt Official Teaser and Production Process Shots:



Source: Motive