Report: Audi to get an electric version of the VW Up!

An inside scoop form CAR Magazine is reporting that Audi will get an electric version of the upcoming Volkswagen Up! as soon as the Volkswagen branded compact car hits the markets. When will that be?

Well, previous reports suggest that Volkswagen delayed the launch of the Up! from late 2010 to early 2011 due to plans to switch the engine from the rear to the front. So we’re guessing the Audi electric version of the Up! will arrive sometime in mid to late-2011.

There is no official word as to which three versions of the Up! Audi will be getting, but sources say most of the storage space will be used for energy cells.

Volkswagen and Sanyo have previously announced plans to produce a lithium-ion battery to be used in Volkswagen hybrid and electric cars. Audi is also expected to offer an electric-version of the upcoming A1.


Source: CAR