Chromed-out HAMANN Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 for sale

HAMANN was very careful not to spoil the core values of the bull when it decided to offer a tuning package for the Lamborghini Murciélago LP640. The tuner made no performance modifications to the 640-hp car besides adding a double-pipe stainless steel sports silencer, a front spoiler, a rear wing, a two-part rear diffuser and side air intakes.

However, someone, somewhere didn’t think that was enough and decided to paint their HAMANN Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 an obnoxious chrome color. Well it seems like they’ve had enough of the shiny paint and decided to sell it.

Mayfair Prestige is taking care of the transaction and believes it can get rid of it for £340,000 ($622,590).

Chrome HAMANN Lamborghini Murciélago LP640:




Source: Mayfair (via CarScoop)