Nissan’s first production fuel-cell may be a sports car or Infiniti model

Nissan may end up breaking its own record for the fastest lap for a fuel-cell car around the Nurburgring. According to AutoCar, Nissan’s first production fuel-cell car may end up being a sports or luxury model. Speaking with Izuho Hirano, Nissan’s fuel-cell laboratory manager, Nissan is looking to make its fuel-cell model very exclusive with a price target around £50,000.

The high-price is also due to the technology cost and Nissan feels that it will help cover cost if it offers the car as a high-performance sports car or a Infiniti model – or even both.

Nothing is confirmed as of yet. Hirano says a decision to build a fuel-cell model will come early 2009 with a launch date of 2014 if the company goes-ahead with the model.

Nissan recently touted its 118-hp X-TRAIL FCV which has a driving range of 311 miles and Nurburgring lap-time record of 11:58.


Source: AutoCar