GM releases 2 teaser-images and wind-tunnel test video of the Chevy Volt

Following a little sneak peek at the production Volt on TV in an interview with ABC, Bob Boniface, Director of Design for Chevrolet Volt, wrote a little piece on GM’s FastLane Blog about the upcoming production version of the plug-in hybrid. Along with some words to let us know how work is progressing on the Volt, Boniface released two teaser images (one of the front and one of the rear) and a video of the Volt testing in the wind-tunnel.

The two images show the design themes carried over from the concept to the production version of the Volt.

“We believe the Chevrolet Volt”s exterior design is an attractive balance between aerodynamic performance and styling,” wrote Boniface. “If you look closely, you can see the rounded and flushed front fascia, tapered corners and closed grille are aesthetically beautiful and functional, enabling air to move easily around the car.”

Click through for more pictures and a video of the Chevrolet Volt’s wind-tunnel testing.

Chevrolet Volt Official Teaser and Production Process Shots:



Source: GM FastLane