Ford may drop Taurus X and Mercury Sable

According to a company document reviews by The Detroit News, FoMoCo plans to half production of the Mercury Sable and the Ford Taurus X crossover starting next year. The current Ford Taurus, which is built on the same platform, will continue production. All models are built at Ford’s Chicago Assembly Plant, which also produces the new Lincoln MKS.

Speculation has it that Ford may eventually end production of both models since sales are down and they don’t fit with their respective brands new image.

Sales of the Ford Taurus X were down 25 percent this year and Mercury Sable sales were down 8 percent from last year. Ford sold a total of 2,044 Taurus X models in July, down from 2,705 from 2007. Mercury Sable sales were down 2,589 units from the year before.

We know that Mercury is going to be focusing more on smaller cars and fuel-efficient crossovers – so the Sable sedan isn’t fitting in well with the brand’s new vision. The Taurus X crossover also makes little sense with the new Flex crossover getting much of the attention.


Source: Detroit News