Bugatti Collection for men, for those that want to flaunt their Bugattiness

If you already own a Bugatti Veyron, you can now show it off even when you’re not cruising around in it downtown. Bugatti is now offering a collection for men for the very rich as well as the not-so-rich that want to look very rich.

The collection is now online and includes polos, jackets, umbrella’s, key rings, wallets and travel bags. The Bugatti polo shirt starts at 119 euros ($183 USD) while the jackets range from 349 euros ($538 USD) to 399 euros ($615 USD).

Oh and if it’s a rainy day and you need your Bugatti Umbrella – get ready to cash out 279 euros ($430).

Check out the Bugatti Collection for Men website.

Source: InsideLine