Ford and Roush sued for producing more than 100 BlackJacks, buyers don’t feel exclusive

A class action lawsuit was filed by Drew Conner of Bardonia, N.Y. and at least 100 other buyers, accusing FoMoCo and Roush Performance products of producing at least 100 more units of the 2007 Roush Stage 3 BlackJack. The owners claim that they paid $59,000 for their cars last year after Ford advertised only 100 units of the special-edition model would be made.

“The vehicles purchased by the plaintiff and the other class members were not as unique or rare as the defendants had stated them to be,” the complaint said according to Reuters. “Their value from scarcity and as collectors’ items were and are dramatically less than the buyers had been led to believe their value would be.”

The members of the class are seeking a jury trial and more than $12 million in damages. As if Ford didn’t have enough problems on their hands.

Source: Reuters