Ford and GM talking collaboration, Ford could gain access to Volt technology

Source familiar with the situation are saying that the General and FoMoCo are both talking collaboration to develop new engines and powertrain technologies in an effort to reduce r&d cost. If it’s commercially viable, sources say Ford could gain access to GM’s Volt technology which could help GM cut some of its product development budget.

GM was the first to approach FoMoCo says it is willing to discuss the possibilities of collaboration. Most executives including product development chief Derrick Kuzak viewed the opportunity as favorable for Ford in terms of gaining access to GM’s technology and cutting Ford’s development cost.

FoMoCo’s board of directors voted to authorize the negotiations with GM last month. According to the Detroit News, there have been three meetings between the two automakers involving Barb Samardzich, Ford’s head of powetrain operations, and her counterpart at GM.

No agreements have been reached but nor Ford or GM would deny the reports.


Source: Detorit News