Nissan offers buyouts and eliminates shift at Tennessee plants

Nissan said today that it is offering to buyout about 6,000 employees at its Tennessee plants and will cut one night shift at the plant due to rising gas-prices and slow sales of pickups and SUVs. Technicians and salaried workers are being offered a lump sum $100,000 or $125,000 depending on the length of their employment.

“We’ve never laid off anybody in Smyrna and we don’t intend to do it now,” said Nissan spokesman Fred Standish.

Standish said that employees that are a part of the shift being eliminated will be offered buyouts or the chance to move to vacant jobs from the other workers taking buyouts.

Both Tennessee plants have 1,200 extra workers right now. 775 workers took buyouts last year.


Source: CNNMoney