Cadillac CTS could get 4-cylinder turbo, GM wants signs that you’re ready to go small

GM’s ready to introduce a number of compact economy-cars in its lineup but says that customers are still going to have to indicate whether or not they’re serious about downsizing powerplant expectations. According to Thomas G. Stephens, GM’s executive vice president of global powertrain, customers have to send a signal to GM that they’re ready to accept small engines.

He said that GM is pretty excited about its engine options as an answer for better fuel-economy. However, making a huge move to smaller-engines means it will lose capability to produce larger engines with more horsepower for the long-term.

Stephen says that their is a possibility of a 4-cylinder turbocharged engine for vehicles in GM’s lineup like the Cadillac CTS. “From a technical point of view, we could do it today,” said Stephen.

He said the GM Powertrain already has a number of small and aggressive engines. The 4-cylinder turbocharged Ecotec replaces a large V6 in terms of performance and a direct-injected V6 delivers performance that of a V8.

“We’re ready. When customers want it – we’ll do it.”

So guys, let GM know in the comments section below if you’re ready or not.


Source: AutoObserver