Aston Martin DB9 gets Caparo braking for more stopping power

Aston Martin DB9 owners can improve their stopping power with the new Caparo high-performance brake package that uses technology developed for the Caparo T1 hypercar. The Caparo braking package cuts stopping distances and reduces fade for £970 for the rear kit and £1,570 for the front kit.

With the DB9’s 470 horsepower V12 engine delivering stunning performance, owners have complained that the car lacks braking power, especially when owners let lose on the track. The DB9’s original 330mm rear discs remain the same with the 355mm front disc replaced by 378mm discs. The braking system is completed with four piston calipers in the front and four pots at the rear.

Caparo engineers say that their braking package gives the DB9 an 18 percent reduction in peak temperature during fade tests and requires 30 percent less force as compared the original. The system also delivers a red a 24 percent reduction in stopping distance.

2009 Aston Martin DB9: