Mercury’s new small-car will be Ford based, Mariner and Milan to stick around

After all the speculations that the brand will eventually die , Mercury dealers are celebrating after Ford finally unveiled a new strategy for the struggling brand.

So far Mercury is expected to get a new small car 2010 . Ford hasn’t given out any specifics on the model but the car is expected to be similar to the Focus and will be a derivative of a Ford vehicle, continuing Mercury’s current strategy.

"Contrary to all of the news articles I’ve been reading for the past six months, Mercury’s not dead," Michael Adamson, chairman of the Lincoln Mercury National Dealer Council told Automotive News . "I think it’s a great start."

Clearing up Mercury’s future models, Mark Schirmer, a Lincoln – Mercury spokesman, said that the brand will not be limited to small-car, but will rather focus on good fuel-economy. Expect models like the Milan and Mariner to stick around long-term. The future of the Sable, Mountaineer and Grand Marquis is still unclear.

Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)