Flex chief designer no longer with Ford, may have been laid off

Chief designer of the new Ford Flex crossover, Richard Gresens, has left FoMoCo. According to Ford spokeswoman Charlotte Fisher, Gresens is no longer with Ford and would not comment on the reason for Gresens leave.

Fisher would not confirm whether the Gresens’ departure was related to the salaried job cuts that Ford plans on completing this week. FoMoCo is expected to cut salaried workers by 15 percent in North America by August 1st.

Siting sources familiar with the matter, the Detroit Free Press reported over the weekend that Gresnes left the company as Ford’s salaried layoffs. Who knows what the real reason is but Gresens has been praised for his Flex design by many industry critics. Us – not so much. We still think the Flex is a big Mini-Cooper with sharp edges and no aerodynamics.

Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)