Nissan says its pure-electric, no emission cars will be profitable from the start

Nissan, who has been pretty quiet about its ‘green’ vehicle onslaught, said yesterday that it plans to start selling electric cars by 2010. The Japanese automaker plans on mass producing lithium-ion batteries by next year with 13,000 units planned a annually. Nissan says that output will than climb to 65,000 by 2011 with a target of selling electric cars worldwide by 2012 .

Speaking to the press on Tuesday, CEO Carlos Ghosn, said that Nissan will price its electric cars very competitively but will generate quick profits. He said that any electric car sold in the U.S. will target a range of at least 100 miles between charges to be practical for the North American market. Ghosn said that European drivers could do with about half that range.

Ghosn said that Nissan will only make cars that produce ‘zero tailpipe emissions.’ Unlike other vehicles being produced by its rivals that run on gasoline engines and still emit some emissions, Ghosn said that producing alternative fuel cars that still require oil is "unsustainable."

“I want a pure electric car. I don”t want a range extender. I don”t want another hybrid,” Ghosn told reporters  “It”s not going to be zero emissions in certain conditions. It”s going to be zero emissions.”

Strong choice of words and we’re very impressed.

Source: New York Times (via AutoblogGreen )