2009 Porsche Cayman S Sport leaked, 303 reasons for going sport

Joining the Boxster S Sport in 2009 will be a limited edition Porsche Cayman S Sport, which was recently leaked on the internet after Porsche release a early press advertisement for the car. Official details have yet to be confirmed but AutoCar says the car will go on sale next month in the UK with a price tag of £49,890 ($99,090).

Power will come from the Cayman S’S 3.4 liter 6-cylinder engine that has been slightly tuned to produce 303 horsepower instead of the standard 295.

The 2009 Porsche Cayman S Sport will also feature a two-tone paint job inspired by the 911 GT3 and a couple of Cayman S Sport emblems. The suspension has also been lowered by 10mm delivering performance close to that of the 911 Carrera.

Source: AutoCar