Lutz: Insignia will be the next Saturn Aura with different skin

Speaking at the launch of the Opel Insignia at the British International Motor Show, Maximum Bob Lutz said that the new model will be the basis of the next-generation Saturn Aura. According to AutoWeek , the two cars will share the same suspension, powertrain and chassis, but the Aura will have a completely differnet skin and interior. Does that mean that it’ll look completely different from the Opel Insignia? We certianly hope it’s not a drastic change.

“We”ve researched the Insignia around the world, including the U.S., as an internationally spectacular new design, but the Saturn version will be its own car,” said Lutz.

Lutz also said that there will be no coupe version of the Insignia. GM sees no reason to offer a coupe version of the sedan with the same sheetmetal.

It was previously reported that 2010 Saturn Aura has been put on hold . Lutz said nothing about the next-generation Aura’s time schedule.

Opel Insigna :

Source: AutoWeek