Ford’s Kuzak: Every redone model must achieve best fuel-economy

Designers and engineers of the upcoming 2010 Ford Fusion, which will go on sale early next year, expect the sedan to lead the segment in fuel-economy. Of course the new 2.5L 4-cylinder mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission will help, but Ford’s product chief Derrick Kuzak says that the product team is working on other aspects such as aerodynamics and rolling resistance to achieve better fuel-economy.

Kuzak also said that Ford won’t stop at the redesigned Fusion. He said that Ford will follow the same approach for every redesigned and re-engineered model in order to achieve the best fuel-economy in a vehicle’s class.

"When we have new powertrains in a new vehicle, why would we have an expectation of anything less than being equal to or better than anything the competition is offering?" Kuzak told Automotive News .

Currently the 2009 Ford Fusion gets 20/29mpg with a 2.3L 5-speed manual and 20/28mpg with a 2.3L 5-speed automatic. That puts the model behind its rivals including the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry.

Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)